A Little Goes a Long Way

Of all the needs we, as Christians do have, the most important is faith in the Lord. With that little faith, He can use us to do great things.


You know there is a difference between wants and needs?  Wants are things that if you don’t have them, it’s not a big deal.  You’ll survive without them.  Needs are something very different.  We need food and shelter to survive.  We need to have some sort of monetary income to maintain them.  In some areas of the country/world, you need a vehicle of some sort to get around.  People get these two things confused a lot, but Christians need to remember, all we need is the Lord.

Psalm 37:16-17

16 A little that a righteous man has Is better than the riches of many wicked.  17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, But the Lord upholds the righteous.
Reading this Scripture, let’s pose a question.  Do you have more than what you need?  In other words, do you have things that are completely pointless for you to even own and you got them just for the sake of having them?
One of the things Christians should remember is to always assess what they truly need.  I’ll use myself as an example.  As anyone who has been reading this blog consistently knows, I have found an apartment that I actually like.  Okay, let me correct that, the Lord found me an apartment that meets the needs that I have, the biggest being a decent enough kitchen so I could cook really nice meals.  And right there is your difference between wants and needs in a nutshell.  I wanted to be able to cook nice meals and be able to host people in my home, but I what I needed was a good kitchen to be able to do that.  The Lord provided both.
The kitchen I will be moving to has more counter space and is laid out in such a way that I can move from one project to the next easily.  And it’s not a large kitchen.  It’s just the right size for my needs.
With the Lord, a little goes a long way.  There are so many examples in Scripture of the Lord using a little to do big things.  Gideon having 300 men and the Lord winning a battle for Him (Judges 7), David using a single small stone to defeat Goliath (1 Samuel 17), and probably most important of all, Jesus challenging the disciples to have the smallest amount of faith in Him and they’d be able to do great things (Matthew 17 and Luke 17).  There are other examples, but these most prominently display the fact that all you need is little and the Lord can do great things with that little.  Of all the needs we, as Christians do have, the most important is faith in the Lord.  With that little faith, He can use us to do great things.

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